A village in the mountain Pelion

Vizitsa has been characterized as a maintenance monument which poses a vivid monument of the traditional architecture of Pelion and impresses visitors from the first glance. It is located in an altitude of approximately 500 m. at the enchanting Centaurs’ mountain, between Milies (capital of the Municipality) and Pinakates, two other scenery Pelion villages. Vizitsa constitutes an easy accessible destination, since it is only 30 km away from Volos, the charming capital of Magnesia Regional Unit.

It constitutes one of the most well-preserved Greek traditional settlements, with a variety of old mansions, an adequate network of cobblestoned streets spreading through the entire village and a unique natural environment, which offers panoramic view to Pagasetic Gulf and Mount Pelion. Here, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the wonderful nature with perennial plane trees, fruit trees, olive groves, and fragrant herbs that grow in its blessed soil. In addition, there are plenty of gorgeous towers creating a glorious atmosphere since they were built and maintained according to Pelion architecture, such as Kontos Mansion, Geroulanos, Vergos, Katsanakis, Karagiannopoulou and Dimou Mansion, which create an imposing atmosphere. As for the tourism, although Vizitsa is a mountainous village, amazingly beautiful when snowed, it attracts visitors all over the year. Summer is a delightful season to visit the village as well, since travelers tend to enjoy its calmness and coolness, especially in the occasion of heat waves.

Access to Sabouko

Vizitsa can be reached mainly through Milies village, but it is worth to follow the alternative route through Ano Lechonia, Agios Vlasios, Agios Georgios Nilias and Pinakates, and finally Vizitsa. The total distance is a little longer but the beauty and the view of the route is undoubtfully rewarding. The large paved square with the perennial plane trees provides the visitors the chance to relax while enjoying coffee and beverages or taste delicious traditional dishes at the local restaurants.